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How Sex Sells By David Kassulke

I came across a website just by coincidence (don't ask me how, you know how that happens sometimes), and my "curiosity killed the cat" ! ... After opt-in I scrolled down and decided to buy this book...
I was always interested to know about the 'half world' and the 'extremes'... Even so I am a man (but maybe because of it) it always intrigued me!
Well, this book is about working girls and how sex sells! So I settled down and I treated myself to some entertainment and read 'Hookers Down Under'! You learn how the girls think, what is motivating them and why they are on the job in the first place...
I was riveted from start to finish! This wasn't just another book about the sex industry or call girls, it grabbed my interest and attention and engulfed me like a tsunami from the moment I started reading it!
The book features sixteen different sex workers from Australia. They share their techniques, experiences and humor with the reader, and soon I felt like I knew them personally! This was the best form of escapism I have had in a long time! It wasn't about a politician that was exposed by a sex worker or a Madam running a business, that just wanted to cash-in on another person's misfortune... It is a real living testament and a tour of the industry by 'real' girls, guys and trannys in the Aussie sex industry. Its like a tour of sexual Disneyland!
I also found that I was aroused sexually as I read parts of the book, I was seduced and intrigued by what I read! 'Hookers Down Under' is fresh, sexy and extremely real in some parts, so real that I felt like I was the client being serviced in many of the scenarios! 'Lusty Lucy' was my favorite! She is a young Gold Coast blond, that loves being in the sex industry, even though her boyfriend doesn't like her servicing other blokes. Sometimes she works a shift and then goes home to her guy for some more steamy sex! Its like when she sells herself at the brothel, she is just being warmed up for when she gets home! 'Lusty Lucy' is a dead set nympho that can't get enough! I had so many fantasies just thinking about her!
I also liked the part with the 'Mistress' to be very interesting! So many things I never had a clue about ... If you never knew and always wondered: this is for you!
This is the real story of working girls, guys and trannies in Australia. From classy establishments, private situations, to the seedy streets of Kings X, you will be taken on a tour of the Aussie sex industry. If you want to discover the real secrets of sexual techniques, what clients want and what really goes on behind closed doors -this is your chance to voyeur the true happenings and energies in the sex industry. You will also get some insight into the private lives and personalities of the selected sex workers.
If you really want to take some stress relief and enter a different world, where sex is the flavour of the day and night, "Hookers Down Under" will entertain you, surprise you and educate you! It is written in a way that you can't feel angry, I almost felt sorry for them... Little did I know how life on this level could be!
I recommend a few hours of ' Hookers Down Under' to anyone wanting relief from stress and a dose of escapism!
Find out how sex sells: evalisasmartsolutions evalisasmartsolutions .
David_Kassulke David_Kassulke

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