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Benefit From a Year Or Semester Abroad in New Zealand, Australia Or Fiji!
By Susan Slobac

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7 Coming Technologies That Will Radically Transform Sex

Sex has been getting an assist from technology...

ACLU Challenges Miami Law On Behalf Of Homeless Sex Offenders

Miami-Dade County has strict limits on where sex offenders can live ? so strict, many wind up living in outdoor encampments. Now the ACLU is challenging the law, which it says is harsh and arbitrary.

Why Kansas is set to become focus of same-sex marriage fight

A federal judge is being asked to order objecting Kansas officials to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as the state seeks to defend a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a union of one man and one woman.

3 states wage fight to keep same-sex marriage ban

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Three states are continuing their legal fight against same-sex marriage, despite rulings from federal appeals courts that oversee those states that concluded gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry.

Sex club scandal shakes Japanese government

Ed Adamczyk TOKYO, Oct. 23 (UPI) -- Japan's shaky government, hit by resignations and scandals this week, now must explain a visit to a sex club funded by a political support group.

Sex Is 385 Million Years Old, and It Looked Like Square Dancing

The oldest known sex act took place when tiny fish called Microbrachius hooked their jointed arms side by side and linked bony genital claspers with bony genital plates to transfer sperm from male to female. "With fossils, we often just get a glimpse of what ancient animals looked like, but rarely do we get an insight into behavior," said study researcher John Long, a paleontologist at Flinders ...

Volokh Conspiracy: Sherif Girgis on same-sex marriage and sex discrimination ...

Sherif Girgis, a leading academic opponent of same-sex marriage, recognizes that laws banning it discriminate on the basis of gender. But he denies that it should be subject to the same heightened scrutiny as other forms of sex discrimination by state governments. His rationale for that conclusion is unpersuasive.

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