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Fast Ways For Teenagers to Gain Weight - The Truth

Fast Ways For Teenagers to Gain Weight - The Truth

There are no fast ways for teenagers to gain weight but one: short and intense compound workouts performed very few hours a week.

This is a concept hard to grasp, especially if you read those glossy muscle magazines where bodybuilders pose along their suggestions as to what a good workout should be like. Usually these workouts consist of high volume split routines of 10 to 20 or more sets per body part performed 5/6 times a week. Do this, they say, and you'll grow.

These magazines are often owned by supplements industries that have an interest in selling you the mainly useless but very expensive supplements advertised there. To help you falling for it, they exploit the allure and glamor of pictures portraying bodybuilders along with their marathon split routines. These routines work all right and well for them because they have their natural recovery and growth abilities enhanced by drugs or exceptional genetics, but not for you or me.

If you are a natural guy, and especially a skinny one or a teenager, you should stay well clear of this nonsense because it will lead you nowhere but to frustration and failure.

The fast way for teenagers to gain weight should consist of short full body workouts based on compound exercises of very few sets per body part, repeated 2/3 times a week, followed by rest and complemented by a proper nutritional plan. You certainly don't need all that plethora of supplements the muscle magazines would like you to believe you need to buy, so it also a cheap way to train and gain weight.

If you want to follow the muscle magazines advice, do so at your own risk. I know this as a matter of fact because i have been there and done that, and I know you would certainly end up over training and spinning your wheels with nothing to show for but a puzzled look on people faces, when told you workout in a gym. Besides that, you don't even need a gym if you are short of cash, because it is possible to kick your muscles into growth with simple body weight compound exercises you can perform at home or anywhere without any equipment. It is a kind of training similar to that of gymnasts, who develop their awesome physiques despite not touching a weight in their lives.

Don't waste your time on useless marathon training routines, the road to weight gain is much simpler and healthier than they would like you to believe.

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