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Top Education in Less Time - The Benefit of Earning a Bachelor Degree in Australia Or New Zealand
By Susan Slobac

A typical undergraduate program in North America requires four years for completion and includes a selection of electives as well as required core classes relevant to the field of study. While this path does provide a solid education, some students may prefer a different approach in working toward their undergraduate degree. Australia and New Zealand both offer viable alternatives well worth consideration. With their unique approach to curriculum structure and focus, New Zealand and Australia undergraduate programs deliver an outstanding education and an ideal alternative for students that prefer such flexibility.
Making the Most of Your Time
North American universities typically require four years of work to earn a bachelor degree. Australia and New Zealand universities, however, offer many undergraduate programs that only require three years to complete. At first glance, one may wonder how it is possible to receive a comparable education in less time at these colleges. Because there are considerable differences in the curriculum focus and structure between a North America and New Zealand or Australia undergraduate program, it is in fact quite possible.
Australia and New Zealand undergraduate programs are highly specialized. Rather than require the completion of a set number of electives unrelated to the core field of study, these programs instead require students to focus entirely upon classes in their discipline. As a result, students have a greater amount of time to become immersed in their selected field of study, yet need less time to meet the requirements of an undergraduate degree. New Zealand and Australian universities, as a result, prepare students for real world application of their studies more expediently.
It should be noted, however, that some specialized and professional degree programs do require a fourth year, an example would be an engineering undergraduate degree. New Zealand and Australia colleges also offer 4th year program called a Bachelor of Honors. This involves a research-focused year and is made available to students who performed well in their undergraduate programs. Students typically apply for this extended program upon completion of their Australia or australearn programs/degree_programs New Zealand undergraduate degree.
How Do the Programs Compare?
While they offer appealing time requirements for a bachelor degree, Australia and New Zealand universities also offer unparalleled academic programs. In fact, these institutions are recognized around the world for excellence in teaching methods, curriculum standards and implementation of degree programs. Students can feel absolute confidence in the value and quality of their studies when earning an undergraduate degree in Australia or New Zealand.
Susan Slobac advises college students on study abroad opportunities in the South Pacific region. She specializes in providing guidance about Australia undergraduate degree programs as well as those in New Zealand.
Susan_Slobac Susan_Slobac

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