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Australian Clothesline - How the Australian Clothesline is Changing the World
By Kelly Nickless

Hills Clotheslines are the top selling Australian clothesline company and Austral clotheslines are a high quality, successful runner up.
They have a long history of clotheslines in this country. The first rotary clothesline was invented in Australia. Gilbert Toyne invented it in 1926. However, it wasn't until 1946 when brothers in law Lance Hill and Harold Ling made the now world famous Australian clothesline, the Hills Hoist, that clotheslines really became popular.
These Australian clotheslines may have grabbed everyone's attention because the first batch was made from salvaged material from the war. In its first life the metal had been used in an underwater device that caught enemy submarines in WW2!
Those first popular Australian clotheslines are still highly successful now.
Since 1946 they have diversified and created a huge range of Australian clotheslines as well as updating and improving the original rotary clothesline.
To name a few, there are retractable clotheslines, fold down clotheslines, clotheslines to go indoors and even clotheslines that hang off ceilings.
The colours they come in are even more diverse than the varieties of style and there are also accessories like rotary clothesline covers to turn a simple clothesline into a garden parasol!
Now, however, even in the vast land that is Australia, people are living closer and closer together. The Australian clothesline has adapted for smaller gardens and now backyards of any size can find a clothesline to fit.
The Australian clothesline market is now huge, with many good quality companies competing for business.
The Australian clothesline gets exported all over the world. And unsurprisingly too, as most households anywhere will appreciate the lovely fresh smell of laundry dried outside.
There are other benefits too. Drying clothes naturally means the noisy, stuffy electric drier won't have to be used.
Not only are driers noisy and stuffy but they destroy clothes too. Fabric fades and pulls in an electric drier, but on an Australian clothesline, clothes stay in great condition.
Kelly has a passion for eco friendly products and writes for lifestyleclotheslines Lifestyle Clotheslines as well as urbanclotheslinesUrban Clotheslines.
Kelly_Nickless Kelly_Nickless
width="67" Kelly- Nickless_52336 Kelly Nickless

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